Spruce Street Feasibility Study – City of Tampa, Florida

Campo Engineering has experience working with municipalities, one recent project was the Spruce Street Feasibility Study. The scope of the project entailed completing a feasibility study for piping the existing open ditch system along the north side of Spruce Street from Manhattan Avenue to Grady Avenue in the City of Tampa, Florida. The objective of the project was to investigate and report on four primary areas; engineering practicality, constructability, regulatory compliance and cost. These areas of evaluation were investigated by developing a hydraulic model of the existing project drainage basin, preparing a preliminary design and modeling the design with multiple iterations until a successful result was achieved. Upon completion of this evaluation, schematic design documents and a cost estimate were prepared in order to determine if the proposed improvements are feasible.

E. Curtis Street 2600 Block – Re-Profiling and Curbing, City of Tampa, Florida

The re-profiling and curbing of the E. Curtis Street 2600 Block consisted of reconstructing approximately 500 lineal feet of Curtis Street and upgrading the existing collection and conveyance pipe system. In addition, the stormwater system includes treating the first ½” from the new pavement of Curtis Street in an exfiltration system with a side drain filter. The design also proposes to bypass the off-site inflows around the new treatment system. Campo was also responsible for coordinating sub-consultant services to complete Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) and Geotechnical Investigations.

Himes Avenue (Marcum Street to Interbay Boulevard) – Ditch Restoration and Pipe Replacement, Tampa, Florida

The project was to design a ditch restoration and pipe replacement system along Himes Avenue from Marcum Street to Interbay Boulevard. In addition, Campo Engineering, Inc. incorporated the City Water Department’s watermain design into the final construction plan set that was utilized by the Contractor for installation. The project was on an expedited schedule and was designed and under construction in 4 months. The intent of the project was to replace undersized and damaged roadway and driveway cross drains and to restore the road side swale cross sections to promote increased storage and conveyance. These efforts were coordinated with the City of Tampa and existing utility providers with infrastructure within in the right of way.

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